Dartshopper Loyalty Program

What are Dartshopper Bonus Points?

  • 5 bonuspoints per spent £
  • 500 bonuspoints = 5,00 £ discount
  • From 500 bonus points to be used with a new order (logged into your account). You select the discount in the shopping cart under 'rewards'.

At Dartshopper you automatically earn bonus points, with every order you'll receive them automatically as a gift. The larger your order, the more bonus points you earn. You can exchange these bonus points for a discount on your next order. You receive 5 points per £ spent. When you have saved 500 bonus points, you can redeem them for 5.00 £ credit. You decide when you want to redeem your bonus points for credit. You can also save a bit longer for better rewards (see table below).

Wondering how many bonus points you have saved? Then go to this page.

How to save bonus points

First you need to register and be logged into your account. You'll need to go this page first.
Go to 'My Account / Register' . Then you need to verify your phone number in your account. Logged into your account go to 'Account information' in the menu. Be sure your phone number is correct and click 'Save'. After you have successfully registered your phone, you can see your point balance under 'Rewards'.

For every GBP you spend at Dartshopper, you'll save up to 6% in the form of bonus points. This means that for every 1 £, you save 5 bonus points. For example, if you place an order of  100 £, you'll receive 500 bonus points (you can use these points as a discount of 5,00 £ when placing a new order in the shopping cart). 

How can I convert bonus points into a voucher or discount?

You must be logged in to view and redeem your bonus. In your account you will find the button in the menu under Rewards

If you have reached the limit of 500 points, you can apply the discount to a new order in the shopping cart. You still need to be logged in to your account. You can easily place a new order, during checkout you will see that you can exchange bonus points for a discount. 

Bonus pointsRewardDiscount %

How long will my bonus points be valid?

Dartshopper bonus points are valid indefinitely. You can save as long as you want.
The new bonus points system went live on 24-11-2022.


  • You can only save points if you have a personal account on the webshop.
  • Unfortunately you cannot redeem Dartshopper bonus points in combination with other discounts.
  • Gift vouchers are excluded from Dartshopper bonus points.